BBC Research Department

The BBC have made many of their R&D Reports available online. These make fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of the LS3/5A in particular and BBC loudspeaker design in general.

Of particular relevance to the LS3/5A are:

  • RD1970/13 Acoustic scaling: General Outline
  • RD1972/34 Acoustic Scaling: Instrumentation
  • RD 1976/29 The design of the minature monitoring loudspeaker LS3/5A
  • RD1977/3 Factors in the Design of Loudspeaker Cabinets
  • RD1979/22 Design of the High-level Studio Monitoring Loudspeaker Type LS5/8
  • RD1983/10 The Design of the Prototype LS5/9 Studio Monitoring Loudspeaker
  • RD1988/14 On the Design of Loudspeakers for Broadcast Monitoring


  • KEF 50 Years of Innovation in Sound by Ken Kessler and Andrew Watson. Includes previously unseen material and photographs about the LS3/5A. A must have for LS3/5A fans.

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Bibliography of LS3/5A Related Articles (not online)

  • The Stirling LS3/5A V2 reviewed by Ken Kessler. HiFi News & Record Review September 2005
  • The Rogers Phenomenon. LS3/5A- The Audio peace Treaty Audio Update Nine. March 1978. Audio Dimensions Inc.
  • The Beeb’s Famous Boxes. Graham Whitehead and David Walker. November 1991. HiFi News and Record Review.
  • Pot Pourii, BBC LS3/5A Update. Ken Kessler. March 1988. HiFi News and Record Review.
  • Review of Harbeth LS3/5A. December 1993. Stereophile
  • BBC LS3/5A: the inside story. Alan Shaw. HiFi News and Record Review November 2004
  • Review of Stirling LS3/5A V2. Ken Kessler. HiFi News and Record Review September 2005

Other Articles of Interest

  • The Monochord Sub Woofer. Richard Lord. January & February 1991. HiFi News and Record Review. Link House.
  • Self Build Sub Woofer. Richard McDonald. May 1993. HiFi News and Record Review. Link House.