Although often described as such, the LS3/5A isn’t really best suited as a bookshelf loudspeaker. They like some space around them. The BBC were not critical of positioning, they were after all designed for confined spaces like television outside broadcast vans where they had to be shoe-horned in. In local radio stations they were placed on a shelf on top of the desk for nearfield monitoring.

Many folk like to place LS3/5As on stands out in the room. Over the years there have been several suitable stands sold.

In the photograph, from the HiFi News 2002 London Show there are three stands in use:

In the centre are the very rare IF Designs stands which are sadly no longer made. I don’t know the identity of the black stands either side. And on the extreme right with JR149s on them, Linn Kan stands.

The BBC tended to use LS3/5As toe-in towards the listener, at least in local radio stations. But many users prefer them facing straight out. Try it and see!